Strike gold 
in your spaces

There’s a treasure trove of data in your walls. Accessia helps you unearth the nuggets you need to help you to optimize your spaces and keep your members happy. No pickaxe needed.

Boost billings

Make it easier for members to spend more time in your meeting rooms, without needing to book

Get instant intel into who, why and when. Be sure you’re billing for everything you need to

Cultivate connections

Understand how people use your spaces and make adjustments to keep customers engaged

Get individually attributed data to spot power users or those who need some TLC

Streamline spending

Get usage insight to see exactly where to clean, or what to spend on supplies

Take the guesswork out of knowing where to focus your resources

Turn your spaces into more profitable places

Imagine you had access to data that shows you how every moment was spent in your workspaces You'd know who to bill for what, which areas to clean more and which rooms to heat less. You could even predict future use. Sounds good, doesn't it?

No booking, no problem

Smart location services mean you can even bill for non-booked meeting room use

Flex your spaces

Get intel to optimize the layout of your spaces and boost your billings by meeting member needs

Works well with others

Use Accessia app on its own or to power other apps and systems like your billing platform

Get app happy

A gorgeous mobile app experience that helps everyone make the most of their time in your spaces

Future forecasting

Act fast with usage data to see who's at risk of not renewing, or which areas will need attention

Who, when and what

Accessia works in sync with your directories to give you data attributable to each member

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Boost Billing

Go for the gold

  • Get the intelligence you need in an instant, easily see where to invest and improve so you get the best returns on your workspaces

  • Give members access to your spaces and services with a great mobile app experience that increases visits and space use

  • Monetize your meeting rooms and bill members for time spent even when there's no pre-booking

Cultivate Connections

Get to know your members

  • Easily see how members use your spaces and change your layout to get a better return

  • Identify your power users and those unlikely to renew. Spot opportunities to upsell and know where to focus your engagement efforts

  • Free up your teams from time intensive reporting so they can spend more time building relationships

Streamline Spending

Make spaces more efficient

  • Know which days are peak or low usage to plan energy use so you're not wasting money heating and lighting empty rooms

  • Spot high traffic areas and act to prevent wear and tear instead of having to replace furniture and fixtures

  • Get a better picture of which services and supplies to use and when, reduce waste and save on costs like cleaning

Amazing access experience

Amazing access experience

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Room availability

Room availability

Who's in today

Who's in today

Visitor management

Visitor management

Location services

Location services

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