Which access control system is right for my coworking space?

Coworking members expect reliable security and seamless access to buildings, workplaces and amenities. The best access control systems offer this and then some, delivering valuable insights. So, which one is right for your coworking space? Here are three things to consider.

1 - Is the access control system easy to integrate and use?

Any access control system you are considering should be simple to manage and come with a user-friendly app to allow for quick and seamless mobile access and an experience that goes beyond that offered by traditional fobs and keycards.  

But if you already have a building management system you’ll most likely want an access control solution that can integrate into your existing platform, or even your other workplace apps and directories – not every provider offers this, so make sure you ask.  

2 - Can the access control system do more than just monitor entries and exits?

Does the building access control solution you’re considering use smart location services for real-time monitoring and alerts, or does it simply keep a record of who comes in the front door?  

Lots of platforms are limited to only logging when members enter the building and specific access-controlled rooms like individual offices. They often can’t tell you when they leave those access controlled spaces, or the building. Likewise, in meeting rooms, most security solutions can tell you who opened the door, but they often can’t tell who else entered the room. 

But when emergencies happen, precision is everything, particularly when it comes to location. There are access control systems that can tell you precisely who is in the building and where they are in an instant, which is critical in moments when every second counts. 

3 - Can you do anything useful with the data your access control system gathers?

Good access control systems go beyond what happens at the door and can give you insights above and beyond security.  

If you can tell that a certain amenity in the building is being used a lot while another is being underused, that insight could serve as the business case to make design and layout changes.

Bigger picture, if you know one particular tenant is coming to the office less and less frequently, you could pre-emptively pick up with them to address any issues before they potentially leave.  

With these simple questions you can make sure you opt for an access control system that is right for your coworking space, enhances your offering and improves member experience.

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