Three ways to optimize coworking space performance

Optimizing the performance of coworking spaces is vital, not only to increase revenue but also to stay competitive, improve efficiency and keep members happy. But doing so without insights and actionable data is inefficient, if not impossible. So, what’s the solution?

Accessia provides real-time monitoring of capacity and a unique breadth and depth of insight into the everyday usage of the entire workplace, so that coworking space landlords can: 

1 - Fully optimize a space

For coworking spaces, square footage is either a moneymaker or an overhead. To truly maximize the efficiency of a space you need to understand how it’s used. Accessia uses smart location services to help you do just that.  

For example, Accessia can show you if one meeting room is booked more often than another, showing that adjustments might need to be made to make the room more appealing to members. You might even consider a complete change of use to better optimize the space. You can also see if people are consistently overstaying their allotted booking time, and so it helps you ensure you are billing for actual time spent.  

Over time, this data creates a more predictable picture of the workspace and how people use it, allowing you to effectively anticipate usage of the site, and make ongoing adjustments to increase utilization and profitability.  

2 - Increase member satisfaction

Member satisfaction is key to running a successful coworking space. To deliver, you need to have a clear understanding of members' habits and needs. As well as giving you insight into space occupancy, Accessia helps you tailor your spaces to better suit members by showing you who is using your workspaces, and when and how they use them. 

Data could show that a team on a certain floor consistently come to work early, so you might consider restocking kitchen areas earlier to account for this. Likewise, Accessia can give members a view of when their colleagues plan to be onsite and decide whether the commute is worthwhile. It sounds simple, but that’s precisely the beauty of it. Small value-added tweaks like this increase member satisfaction and retention in a very simple way and without breaking the bank. 

4 - Help you make informed decisions and plan for the future

While actionable insights and data can make a significant difference very quickly, building it up will prove even more valuable over time. 

Real-time insight into coworking space usage empowers you to make quick adjustments in the short-term to improve operations. Over time, this informed decision-making will allow you to predict building usage and member activity and so better proactively plan while remaining agile.  

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