Increase billings, optimize operations

We help flex space operators harness people-powered data to monetize their spaces and reduce running costs

Accessia is the workplace access, experience, and analytics platform with location services to capture the metrics that matter

More money,
delivered by data

An integrated or standalone app to access your space and services, providing real-time location intel into who's using your workspaces

Know how your space is being used and never leave money on the table (or desk) again

Boost billings

Room use
Charge for room use without the need for bookings or locks

Save costs

Avoid cleaning unused areas, focus on spaces that need it

Optimize spaces

Understand which spaces members love to use and why

Reduce churn

See how engaged members are and if they're likely to renew

Accessia app technologies. 
 The key to success in your spaces

Available in our standalone app or your existing apps
tickMeeting rooms
tickWho’s in
tickAir quality & environment
tickLocation services

Make member visits more valuable

Give members more reasons to use your workspaces

Show them who is in or planning to be in and when so they can get the right people together at the right time, making every visit more productive and collaborative

Work smarter,
work safer

Someone opened a door they shouldn’t have? More people in a meeting room than there should be? Vaping detected?

Accessia alerts ping the right people when things go wrong, wherever they are

Explore safer spaces

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We've got your back

We take our role in keeping you and your information secure very seriously

Accessia has achieved ISO 27001 certification, the world’s most recognized information security standard, and is also SOC 2 compliant. But we don’t stop there. From a secure software development cycle to data encryption, we believe in raising the bar and setting security standards higher

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